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It's a brave new world out there in and we're all in!


We 've been forging ahead in Live Stream Production and offer an experienced professional team

 to ensure your production goes "live" to your audience without a hitch.


To drop a few names... Facebook Canada has us on speed dial and when one of their clients needs a hand with live-streaming an event, we’re the company they call. From the Canadian Screen Awards and The Grey Cup to Toronto Men’s and Women’s Fashion Week and the National Arts Centre... we have the expertise to get it done.


Oh and... we also streamed live from the International Space Station… just sayin’. 

Need it streamed live in VR360? CTV recently trusted us to broadcast the 1000th episode of The Social on Facebook.

We also streamed live in 360 for WeMatter and The Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology.

Reach out to get a quote for your next production!

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