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 "Put your money where your mouth is." And so we did.

As music lovers and musicians, we recognized the unbelievable talent base in Cuba and quickly learned that this country has so many other musical offerings other than The Buena Vista Social Club. Rock, Punk Rock, Rap, Soul, Reggae...

you name it, it is alive and well and just waiting to be heard. But in Cuba, the struggle is real and producing a music track can be difficult.  That's where the Cuban Bus comes in! Check out the trailer below!  Currently in Post Production. 


The Cuban Bus - 2020 Trailer
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"Do they even have f’n TV in Canada?” Our humble beginnings.

Those Canadians was formed in 2013 to produce The Ultimate Fighter Nations – Canada vs Australia for the UFC. For our first time producing a docu-drama, reality TV series, we were nominated for three Canadian Screen Awards. Not bad eh?


The infamous president of UFC, Dana White even gave us our name, referring to us as

“Those Canadians"... which is so 'Mericun.

"Do they even have f’n TV in Canada?”  He said. So the name stuck.


Later on in 2018 and again in the combat sports world, we Field Produced 20 hours of content

and a live pay per view for Impact Wrestling for the Fight Network.


Never a dull day.

TUF Supertease
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